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Anterior Segment Camera

Documentation is very important to good eye health care. The microscope that we have used for years now has photographic capabilities. Documentation is invaluable in the management of dry eyes, cataracts, eye infections, and eye injuries.

Automated Perimeter

Perimetry is the measurement of the peripheral vision. It allows us not only to measure the width and height of a persons visual field, but also measures the sensitivity of any given point in that field. Perimetry is helpful in the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma as well as in the diagnosis of neurological problems such as strokes and tumors of the brain.

Corneal Topographer

A topographer accurately measures the shape of the front of the eye. Topography is an important vision exam measurement in general and helps us measure astigmatism. Topography is extremely helpful with contacts and with laser correction of the vision.

Electronic Medial Records

Electronic medical records (EMR) are patient examination information that is stored on a computer rather than on paper. One of the benefits of EMR is that it makes it much easier to communicate with other health care professionals regarding a patient's medical tests and health care information. It also makes it much less likely the errors are made in filling a patient's prescription for medications, for example. While recording of data electronically is initially slower than paper records, over the long term it will allow patient records to hold more data and to be more accurate.

OCT Cirrus

The Cirrus is a scanning laser that allows us to look at the layers of retina microscopically without surgically invading the eye. It is invaluable in the diagnosis and monitoring of macular degeneration, macular holes, bleeding of the retina, diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy and many other retinal conditions. It also allows us to measure and monitor the nerve fiber layer in the retina, which is critical in the treatment of glaucoma.


A pachymeter is a hand held ultra sound device that allows us to quickly measure the thickness of the cornea. Cornea thickness measurements are important in the diagnosis of glaucoma.

Retinal Camera

The retina is a very complicated and delicate membrane in the back of the eye. This membrane is composed of millions of little "cameras" that we call photo receptors. These photo receptors are either called rods (which respond to light and dark) or cones (which give us color vision). The retinal camera helps us to photograph the retina, the optic nerve head, and the blood vessels in the back of the eye. Baseline retinal photos are recommended for all adult patients. Retinal photography can usually be done without dilation. Documentation of retinal and optic nerve conditions is invaluable.

Wavefront Autorefractor

An auto- refractor is an instrument that automatically estimates a patient's prescription for glasses. It only takes a few seconds to make that measurement. Auto refractors have been around for years, but wave front auto-refraction is brand new technology. Wave front technology is used to perform custom LASIK (laser vision correction). Wave front measures what we call high order aberrations of the visual system. High order aberrations are distortions over and above nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Currently wave front technology is not something that can be incorporated into glasses and contacts, however, researchers are currently working on those two challenges.

Humphrey Auto Refracter


Fundus Camera

Cornea Topographer

Auto Lensometer

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